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The UC HPC User Wiki is the primary source of documentation for the UC High Performance Computing systems. Anyone can access these pages, and if you log in then it's possible for you to update the wiki pages as well. Read this page for an explanation of what a wiki is all about.

UC HPC User Documents

These manuals contain detailed information about the UC HPC systems and how to use their various software subsystems. Please feel free to download any of these documents for your personal use.

IBM supplied documentation

Using and Administering LoadLeveler (PDF 6MB)
POE Operation and Use (Linux) (PDF 1.2MB)
PE Introduction (Linux) (PDF 794kb)
MPI Programming Guide (Linux) (PDF 1.6MB)
POE Operation and Use (Vol. 1) (AIX) (PDF 1.8MB)
POE Operation and Use (Vol. 2) (AIX) (PDF 1.9MB)
PE Introduction (AIX) (PDF 1.5MB)
MPI Programming Guide (AIX) (PDF 2.2MB)
ESSL Guide and Reference (PDF 12.2MB)
PESSL Guide and Reference (PDF 10.8MB)

XL C/C++ Compiler Reference (AIX) (PDF 3.4MB)
Getting Started with XLC/C++ (AIX) (PDF 540kb)
XL C/C++ Language Reference (AIX) (PDF 4MB)
XL C/C++ Legacy Class Libraries Reference (AIX) (PDF 2MB)
XL C/C++ Programming Guide (AIX) (PDF 1.3MB)

Standard C++ Library Reference (PDF 3.8MB)

XL C/C++ Compiler Reference (Linux) (PDF 2.7MB)
Getting Started with XLC/C++ (Linux) (PDF 502kb)
XL C/C++ Language Reference (Linux) (PDF 4MB)
XL C/C++ Programming Guide (Linux) (PDF 917kb)

XL Fortran Compiler Reference (AIX) (PDF 2.6MB)
Getting Started with XL Fortran (AIX) (PDF 524kb)
XL Fortran Language Reference (AIX) (PDF 6.7MB)
XL Fortran Optimization and Programming Guide (AIX) (PDF 2.5MB)

Blue Gene/L

Application Development (PDF 2MB)
Unfolding the IBM eServer Blue Gene Solution (PDF 6MB)

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