UC HPC supports SAE Formula car

Designing and testing a racing vehicle is no easy task. The UC Motorsport team realised this and asked for help. UC HPC spoke to Dr Patrick Geoghegan  and decided that help in the form of part of our iDataplex system would enable them to analyse and simulate the complex fluid dynamics of the SAE Formula car in motion. 

During 2015 UC HPC set up a system where the team could log on from a PC in the Engineering building and run large scale simulations on the iDataplex system (which sits in the primary Data Centre along with the other supercomputers). 

Below you will find some of the pictures that the team have created which shows the complexity of the car, its driver and the downstream fluid flow. 

Of course we would be happy to help again in 2016 and make even more of success for UC Motorsport

Whole car rotating

Whole car rotating flow field rotating wheels moving ground plane. Very complicated can't be done practically without supercomputer


front wing only

Front wing only


Element mesh close to the rear aerofoil surface

Aerofoil 1

Streamlines over a 3 element rear aerofoil

Aerofoil 2

Streamlines over a high lift configuration of the rear aerofoil



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