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Academics interested in utilising a Windows multi-core server

ICTS and UC HPC have worked together to create a small Windows server that is available for academic (and PG) use between 6pm and 6am. You can log on to the machine and submit a job to run overnight.

We have enabled a queue system so that you do not have to wait for the job to finish. The current specification for the cluster is: 

Windows Server 2012R2
64 Gb RAM (Memory)
16 cores
60Gb disk (temporary) 

If you would like to try this resource then please get in touch with Tim David (tim.david@canterbury.ac.nz). We will help you to start up and gain experience. This is the start of a proof of principle project and we would like to gauge how much a system like this (or bigger)  is used or needed across all Colleges. 

We also have a Linux server with the following specification

The HP Apollo 2600 contains two XL190r Gen9 nodes, the most highly configured of which has:

Two 12-core Intel Xeon 2.6 GHz processors with 32 Mbytes of cache
384 Gbytes of main memory
4 * 1 Tbyte disc drives

Giving a 48 core system with a total of 768Gb memory.  

Instructions for user:


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